Reinventing ourselves and our libraries has proven to be a key strategy in our success.  For over fifty years, the Medical Library Association has been documenting and promoting reinventions of our libraries through article series, articles on specific projects, and surveys. Much of this literature describes the construction of new facilities primarily designed to house paper collections, which reflects the dramatic increases in health sciences publishing. More recently, there is less new construction and more renovation of existing facilities, which reflects the transformation of libraries from largely passive repositories into dynamic, collaborative environments.

With volume 100 of the JMLA, the new buildings series is expanding to reflect the new directions in library facilities. A website has been developed to enhance the articles, to extend recognition to additional projects, and to provide a resource for MLA members. It will offer information on building projects beyond what appears in the JMLA, including a consultants directory; an architects directory; information on furnishings, art, and equipment; and a directory of LEED buildings. Updates to the library construction survey will be included, along with a library construction bibliography.

MLA members are invited to submit library construction and renovation projects. These projects, followed by management of the facilities, constitute significant opportunities and responsibilities for members of our profession. This new website is intended to provide valuable support for these challenging efforts. Equally important, the website will recognize these efforts and offer a valuable public relations venue where library projects can receive the national recognition they deserve.

Jean P. Shipman, AHIP, FMLA
Joan M. Stoddart, AHIP
Wayne J. Peay, FMLA, FACMI